About Us

Missional Hearts came to fruition when a group of life-minded folks wanted to care for people in their community.  At no time has this been more pressing than during the pandemic.  The isolation was wearing on our friends and neighbors.  

Recognizing that we are the feet of Jesus, we wanted to go out into our neighborhoods to build relationships.  This took the form of gifting.  Each of us took gifts and left them at the doors of our neighbors.  Every gift included a card expressing our care for the people in that house.  

The gifts inclOganza bag with tea, chocoloate, hot chocolateuded things like:

  • Masks and gloves
  • Care Cups filled with granola bars, mints, tissues, cards, etc. 
  • Care Bags filled with juice, hot chocolate, tea, mints, card, etc. 
  • Holiday bags filled with chocolates, hot chocolate, seasonal candy, hand sanitizer, goldfish crackers, etc. 
  • Tissue paper rolls made into a snowman.
  • Tissue paper fireworks
  • Christmas and Valentine’s Day cards.
  • Stay warm coffee and tea packets
This effort resulted in new relationships and many opportunities to meet our neighbors.  This was such a simple thing to do that we wanted others to have that opportunity too.  But we wanted to make sure you could do it your way.  
We hope you will join us in caring for your neighbors.

NOTE: We do not make a profit on any of the purchases.  The gift prices reflect as close as possible to the cost of the assembled gifts.