You shall love your neighbors as yourself. --Matthew 12:31

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Create a Neighborhood Touchpoint!

What is a touchpoint?

It is a hello, a smile, a handshake, a small gift telling folks, “hey we care about you!”.  And it is so easy to do!

Welcome to our neighborhood touchpoint site.  We are Team Kingdom (TK) a missional community that seeks to care for our neighbors.  We want to share what we are doing and give you the opportunity to do it too. As a touchpoint, we deliver gifts to our neighbors to tell them “we care for you”.  You can do it too.  We provide opportunities for you below.  

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This month’s gift: Spring Flowers


Deliver a Spring Flowers gift bag to your neighbors!  Tell them you matter to them, no strings attached! This gift is a great way to connect to your neighbors and tell them you care for them. 

Spring Flowers gift bagSpring Flowers bag openThe gift bag contains (unless we have to substitute something due to demand or availability): 

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Do you need more ideas?  See the gifts from previous months.!

How do I get started?

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